Husky Loops EP1

Art Direction / Cover Art / Print Design / January 2017 Tempo / Fighting Myself – Photography by Magdalena Siwicka
Die-cut in the center in order to show the disc label, and printed on uncoated reverse-board, the debut EP of Husky Loops aims at being simple, iconic and somewhat downplayed. Inside, two colorful double sided inserts include the four artworks for the four tracks presented on the EP.


Art Direction / March 2017 / W. Tom Ringsby
Loosely based on the concept of “Chronophobia” (the fear of time passing), Tempo is much of an aesthetic research in stress-related cinematic culture.

Fighting Myself

Art Direction / March 2017 / W. Tom Ringsby


Art Direction / January 2016 / W. Tomas Jefanovas
The whole video rotates around a studio performance. Distortion effects created by a custom made video synthesizer break with the suspension of disbelief, in junction with the movements of the band.

The Man

Art Direction / July 2016 / W. Maximillian Hartley