Husky Loops – I Can’t Even Speak English LP

Album Launch Campaign / Art Direction / Cover Art – 2019
The debut Husky Loops’ LP is centered on the radical idea of letting the visuals be reclaimed by the audience – a tribute to the fans who made this journey possible, and a commentary on the saturation of visual inputs we live in our everyday lives. 

The vinyl sleeve consists of an uncoated white paper sleeve with attached a customised marker.

For the CD case, it is a pencil.
The fan-made artworks are updated regularly in an online gallery on Instagram.

You can submit your own at

For credits and more artworks see the full
I Can’t Even Speak English gallery here.

The billboard

Upon the record release on 6th September 2019, we hired a billboard and left some marker pens for passersbys. The pick up was exceptional.

Husky Loops – I Think You’re Wonderful Videoclip

Video direction / editing – August 2018

For the leading single I Think You’re Wonderful we travelled across the city to meet strangers and friends armed of iPad and an unreleased version of the song. We asked people to draw while listening to it. The resulting video is a collage of all the drawings collected.