Tender Touches Book

Print design / 2020

Tender Touches is the result of more than a year of work through the pandemic by an international network of artists and cultural producers, touching themes of relational art, food as politics, social spaces creation, and more.

Financed with the backing of a successful Kickstarter campaign, Tender Touches is the celebration of a community that formed around the homonymous pop-up art cafè initiated by Inês Neto dos Santos and Open Space in Peckham in 2019. In only a month and a half of opening, it produced an astonishing amount of artistic content.

To document this event and reflect its ethos, the book was conceived and designed organically.

The paper stock used is an innovative eco paper partially made of food waste (Favini Crush), while the cover is printed on Favini Alga Carta White, made from excessive algae in fragile marine areas.

Illustrated and edited by Peach Doble, the book includes several special inserts/pop-ups, including a dry kombucha mother insert (to make your kombucha at home), and an illustrated map of the book.

Printed and naked bound in Italy by Pazzini Stampatore, with a customised colour profile by Color Library using only three inks (red, yellow and blue) instead of the traditional four – making for a distinctive and original colour palette across the publication.

As a result, Tender Touches sits in between an exhibition catalogue, a cookbook and a magazine, slipping definitions and taking you on an empowering journey across food and art. 

You can buy it on the Open Space Store here.